My research focuses on how economic hardship, in particular material hardship, subjective financial stress, and job loss, affect parenting behavior and family violence and how social safety net policies buffer these effects.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Book Chapters

  • Gassman-Pines, A. & Schenck-Fontaine, A. (In press). Economic strain and job loss. In B. Fiese (Ed.). APA Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Working Papers

  • “The Importance of Parents’ Subjective Assessment of Family Economic Circumstances for Parenting Behavior“ (with Lidia Panico)
  • “The Effect of Material Hardship on Parenting: Differences by parent gender and country” (with the Parenting Across Cultures Project partners)
  • “Food Hardship Varies Within the SNAP Benefit Month” (with Anna Gassman-Pines)
  • “How Does Taking an Integrated Population, Health and Environment (PHE) Approach Contribute to Increased Resilience to Climate Change.” (with Karen Hardee, Kristen Patterson, Clive Mutanga, Craig Leisher, Mustafa Kudrati, and Kristen Bietsch)

Work in Progress

  • “Growing Up Unequal: Objective and Subjective Inequality in the Lives of Children” (with Will Schneider)
  • “The Effects of Income, Material Deprivation, and Housing Hardship on Children’s Early Development: Evidence from a French birth cohort” (with Lidia Panico and Lawrence Berger)
  • “Toward an Integrated Framework of Instability and Child-Well-being.” (with Clinton Boyd, Scott Brown, Lindsey Bullinger, and Kelley Fong)
  • “Low Income and Parents’ Hostile Attribution Bias: The mediating role of subjective financial stress and material hardship” (with Sabine Walper)